Family Training

Services are provided either in the home or in the agency office. Professionals licensed in the State of Maryland as social workers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, or physical therapists provide quality services in training families in treatment regimens, behavior intervention and modeling, skills training, and training on use of equipment. Family trainers develop behavior intervention plans based on a multi-variable and multi-method functional assessment personal interview with waiver participant/family, review of IEP, review of speech/language assessments/other educational assessments, preferred events (self and caregiver report), and semi-structured interview. They provide training to the family and family support worker on plan implementation and documentation. They also provide ongoing supervision of the family support worker working in the home.

Respite Care Services

Involves short-term care because of the absence of or need for relief of the client’s family who normally provides the care. Our respite care family support workers assist in or provide activities of daily living including nourishment, personal hygiene, and grooming. They also provide assistance in day-to-day activities including homework, problem solving, extra curricula activities such as visits to library, ball games, after school programs, and doctor’s office visits.

Intensive Individual Support Services

Involves intensive one-on-one interventions to assist in the care, treatment, and habilitation of clients. Services are provided in the clients’ home or in the community. Intensive individual support workers in addition to assisting in and/or providing activities of daily living also serve as instructional technician, therapeutic aide, bus aide, or interpreter.

Therapeutic Integration

Is an after school program geared towards integrating therapies with the goal of engaging clients in activities with other children to teach/model, improve, and/or maintain skills. Clients engage in activities in therapy areas such as play therapy, music therapy, art therapy, sensory integration therapy, movement/dance therapy, and social skills/daily living training. Our therapeutic Integration site is located at 100 Winters Lane, Catonsville, MD 21228.

Adult Life Planning

Focuses on providing assistance, support, and information to families of transitioning youths age 18-21 for a smooth transition from the child centered developmental model to adult developmental model.